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The founder of ZELOS is Marcin Krzyżkowiak, an entrepreneur for several years associated with companies such as BONA, Hemp Today and CannArch. Among others, Marcin was a co-author of the book FAAAT Cannabis and Sustainable Development and a speaker at the TEDx Warsaw University of Technology conference.

“In parallel to my experience in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the Warsaw University of Technology, I have participated in the global cannabis processing market for many years. My observation of the world’s developments has led me to create a place where we advise companies on how to create a strategy in a spirit of responsible development based on renewable raw materials known for many years and the latest technological solutions. The main raw material is hemp, which during my research at the Faculty of Management of the Warsaw University of Technology showed numerous possible applications in the context of responsible development. Mostly replacing conventional products like plastic or wood paper.

A team of specialists in strategy, marketing, finance, automation and robotics has been gathered around the idea of such development. In addition, the organizations we work with cover the entire value chain of hemp processing, so we can provide the highest quality raw materials, semi-finished and finished products tailored to customer requirements.

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